Commit 5af2f87d authored by Jonathan Wiedemann's avatar Jonathan Wiedemann
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remove some medias,

test change path image also for readme on gitlab
parent 3b187dd0
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ moocWB_icons_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'icons')
#moocWB_images_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'gifs')
global main_moocWB_Icon
main_moocWB_Icon = os.path.join( moocWB_icons_path , 'mooc-workbench-v3.svg')
main_moocWB_Icon = os.path.join( moocWB_icons_path , 'mooc-workbench.svg')
class MoocWorkbench ( Workbench ):
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This diff is collapsed.
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