Commit 402b265e authored by Jonathan Wiedemann's avatar Jonathan Wiedemann
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Fix DEBUG when doc = None

Remove fillet_presence in double
parent 5f0d9a1b
......@@ -62,10 +62,15 @@ def get_document(doc):
if DEBUG:print('Check.get_document(doc=%s)' % doc)
if type(doc)=='str':
doc = app.getDocument(doc)
if DEBUG:print('doc.Name is %s, doc.Label is %s' % (doc.Name, doc.Label))
elif doc is None:
if document_presence() == 1:
doc = app.activeDocument()
if DEBUG:print('doc.Name is %s, doc.Label is %s' % (doc.Name, doc.Label))
if DEBUG:print('doc.Name is %s, doc.Label is %s' % (doc.Name, doc.Label))
else :
if DEBUG:print('doc is None' )
return doc
def document_presence(name=None, label=None):
......@@ -912,17 +917,6 @@ def mirrored_pattern_presence(doc=None, name=None, plane_name=None, plane_axis=N
result = 0
return result
def fillet_presence(doc=None, name=None, radius=None ):
'''check the presence of fillet'''
doc = get_document(doc)
for obj in doc.Objects:
if obj.TypeId == 'PartDesign::Fillet':
#if radius != None:
# if reference =
return make_result(r)
def boundbox_dimensions(doc=None, name=None, typeId=None, x=None, y=None, z=None):
'''Check the length's dimensions of boundbox'''
r = []
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