Commit 367e0e93 authored by Jonathan Wiedemann's avatar Jonathan Wiedemann
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Fix #3 Mooc WB have now a version check

parent 9b3fa598
......@@ -27,17 +27,22 @@ __title__="MOOC Workbench"
__author__ = "Jonathan Wiedemann"
__url__ = ""
# for handling paths
import os, moocwb_locator
import FreeCAD, FreeCADGui
# import freecad and its gui
import FreeCAD as app
import FreeCADGui as gui
moocWBpath = os.path.dirname(moocwb_locator.__file__)
moocWBpath_medias = os.path.join(moocWBpath, 'medias')
moocWB_icons_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'icons')
moocWB_images_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'images')
moocWB_images_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'videos')
moocWB_images_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'gifs')
#moocWB_images_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'images')
#moocWB_images_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'videos')
#moocWB_images_path = os.path.join( moocWBpath_medias, 'gifs')
global main_moocWB_Icon
main_moocWB_Icon = os.path.join( moocWB_icons_path , 'mooc-workbench.svg')
......@@ -55,11 +60,12 @@ class MoocWorkbench ( Workbench ):
import MoocPlayerChooser, MoocGrader
print('Loading MOOC module... done\n')
print('Initialize MOOC module... done.')
def Activated(self):
"This function is executed when the workbench is activated"
print(u'Activated MoocWorkbench... done')
def Deactivated(self):
......@@ -70,4 +76,26 @@ class MoocWorkbench ( Workbench ):
# this function is mandatory if this is a full python workbench
return "Gui::PythonWorkbench"
def checkMoocWBVersion(self):
'''Check version of workbench'''
print(u'Check workbench version...')
import urllib.request
webUrl = urllib.request.urlopen('')
for line in webUrl:
if 'MOOC_VERSION' in str(line, 'utf-8'):
mooc_version = str(line, 'utf-8').split(' = ')
mooc_version = mooc_version[1].split('\n')
mooc_version = mooc_version[0][1:-1]
print(u'MOOC dernière version : ' + str(mooc_version))
print(u'MOOC version installé : ' + str(MOOC_VERSION))
if str(mooc_version) == MOOC_VERSION:
print('Mooc Workbench is up to date !')
print('Please update Mooc Workbench !')
from PySide2 import QtWidgets
reply = QtWidgets.QMessageBox.information(None, u"Test",
u'''Votre version de l'atelier MOOC est obsolète.\nMerci de le mettre à jour à l'aide de l'addon manager.''')
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