Commit 2ca421bb authored by Frederic Logier's avatar Frederic Logier
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update zeromq and mongodb driver

parent f4981bfc
......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@
[submodule "externals/zeromq"]
path = externals/zeromq
url = git://
branch = 4.0.3
[submodule "externals/mongo-cxx-driver"]
path = externals/mongo-cxx-driver
url =
url = git://
branch = 2.4.8
Subproject commit 9911cd220557f7edf7abba007436dd96cf6d65c6
Subproject commit 1a47a1d5a4f03a364349f1816d646ca44c294222
Subproject commit 6a84005f6c85915429dc471a8d9ca527a67abcd1
Subproject commit b8a262830ff064be65bd89fcfaa61874c6917d89
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