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An admin utility designed for the OpenBSD operating system and published under the BSD licence.


It is made for users who use -current and jump from snapshot to snapshot.

It will help you to download the needed bsd.rd, check it and move it to the right place before rebooting. A backup of your last bsd.rd is made. All steps are verbose.

It can be run with only the base system. Nevertheless if you install curl from packages, it will check your $MIRROR build date of base and packages. You will be able to decide if you want to do the update now or wait for the synchronicity of the two directories.


Snaps will use your /etc/installurl file to setup automatically the $MIRROR variable.

You can also want to setup this variable manually:

$ MIRROR=http://another/openbsd/mirror/pub/OpenBSD doas snaps -G

Note that you have to indicate the root of the MIRROR followed with /pub/OpenBSD. This one have to follow the OpenBSD directory layout.


Fetch and check (SHA256 and signify) bsd.rd from $MIRROR (no need to be root for that one)

$ snaps -g


Fetch, check bsd.rd from $MIRROR then, move it to the right place, backup your last bsd.rd, print some reminders and reboot.

$ doas snaps -G


Update your -current port tree

$ doas snaps -p


List date and download places of the 3 last -G from /var/log/snaps.log

$ snaps -l
2016-04-30 22:16 FROM
2016-05-10 11:03 FROM
2016-05-14 11:11 FROM


Upgrade snaps to the last release.

$ doas snaps -u


Print help and exit. It also print the content of the MIRROR variable based upon /etc/pkg.conf for a quick look.

$ snaps -h