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# vRMS
This program creates an HTML statistics page from [`vrms`]( mails.
This programm connects to an IMAP account, checks the new mails, parse them and create an HTML output in `public` folder.
## How to use it on your computer?
### Installation
Install Perl6 and some modules:
apt-get install -y git build-essential libssl-dev
git clone ~/.rakudobrew
echo 'PATH=~/.rakudobrew/bin:$PATH' > ~/.bashrc
. ~/.bashrc
rakudobrew build moar
rakudobrew build zef
zef install --/test Template::Mojo File::Directory::Tree
zef install --/test --deps-only Net::IMAP
Install vRMS:
git clone
### Configuration
The configuration is provided by environnement variables:
- `USER`: the user for the IMAP connexion (mandatory)
- `PASSWORD`: his password (mandatory)
- `SERVER`: the IMAP server address (mandatory)
- `THEME`: the theme you want to use (optional, default is `default`)
- `DEV`: set to 1 if you want to fetch all mails, not only the unread ones (optional, no default)
### Use
``` PASSWORD=s3cr3t ./vrms-web.pl6
## How to use it with Gitlab CI and Gitlab Pages?
Fork Set the environnement variables in the project configuration. Run a pipeline. That's all.
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