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swap mount command arguments — fixes #12

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......@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@ is done via FUSE, for instance with [s3fs](
export S3_STORAGE=/var/www/peertube/s3-storage
mkdir $S3_STORAGE
mount --bind /var/www/peertube/storage/videos $S3_STORAGE/videos
mount --bind /var/www/peertube/storage/redundancy $S3_STORAGE/redundancy
mount --bind /var/www/peertube/storage/streaming-playlists $S3_STORAGE/streaming-playlists
mount --bind $S3_STORAGE/videos /var/www/peertube/storage/videos
mount --bind $S3_STORAGE/redundancy /var/www/peertube/storage/redundancy
mount --bind $S3_STORAGE/streaming-playlists /var/www/peertube/storage/streaming-playlists
s3fs your-space-name /var/www/peertube/s3-storage -o url= -o allow_other -o use_path_request_style -o uid=1000 -o gid=1000
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