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# Remote storage (S3)
In PeerTube version 3.4.0 native support was added for storage in s3 compatible
object stores. If you are using this version or newer you can use the new method
for s3 storage, otherwise you can still follow the documentation for the
[old method](?id=old-method).
## Native object storage
If your object storage provider supports the AWS s3 API, you can configure your
instance to move files there after transcoding. The bucket you configure should
be public and have CORS rules to allow traffic from the instance.
Here are two examples on how you can configure your instance:
# Store all videos in one bucket on Backblaze b2
enabled: true
# Example Backblaze b2 endpoint
endpoint: ''
videos_bucket: 'peertube-videos'
videos_prefix: 'videos/'
# Use the same bucket as for webtorrent videos but with a different prefix
streaming_playlists_bucket: 'peertube-videos'
streaming_playlists_prefix: 'streaming-playlists/'
# Use two differnt bucketss for webtorrent and HLS videos
enabled: true
# Example AWS endpoint in the us-east-1 region
endpoint: ''
videos_bucket: 'webtorrent-videos'
videos_prefix: ''
streaming_playlists_bucket: 'hls-videos'
streaming_playlists_prefix: ''
## Old method
PeerTube supports streaming directly from an s3 public bucket. The integration
is done via FUSE, for instance with [s3fs](
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