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      Add production Alpine and Debian Stretch Docker images (#225) · e8395f02
      kaiyou authored
      * First pass at a (swarm-compatible) docker image
      Uses an existing traefik server as a https reverse proxy.
      * Add example config for a Docker swarm deployment
      * Point to traefik config for docker compose setup
      * Clarify that traefik is needed for the example config
      * Use node:8-stretch base image and don't install yarn
      (The base image already contains yarn.)
      * Initial commit for an Alpine Docker image
      * Fix docker volume path
      * Merge #213 and #225 and move files around
      * Remove unnecessary dependencies from the alpine build
      * Update Dockerfiles to match install path, config path, etc.
      * Update the configuration in the example compose file
      * Update the configuration in the example swarm file
      * Remove the declared networks and volumes from the compose example, which are not strictly required
      * Update attachment path in the documentation
      * Display traefik as a suggestion and not a required dependency
      * Update the Docker ignored files
      * Fix typos reported in #225
      * Move production Dockerfiles to a production directory
      * Add the redis configuration settings
      * Add Docker files to the dockerignore
      * Make the signup limit configurable