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  2. 17 Aug, 2021 1 commit
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      Add support for saving video files to object storage (#4290) · 0305db28
      Jelle Besseling authored
      * Add support for saving video files to object storage
      * Add support for custom url generation on s3 stored files
      Uses two config keys to support url generation that doesn't directly go
      to (compatible s3). Can be used to generate urls to any cache server or
      * Upload files to s3 concurrently and delete originals afterwards
      * Only publish after move to object storage is complete
      * Use base url instead of url template
      * Fix mistyped config field
      * Add rudenmentary way to download before transcode
      * Implement Chocobozzz suggestions
      The remarks in question:
          Try to use objectStorage prefix instead of s3 prefix for your function/variables/config names
          Prefer to use a tree for the config: s3.streaming_playlists_bucket -> object_storage.streaming_playlists.bucket
          I suggest to rename moveJobsRunning to pendingMovingJobs (or better, create a dedicated videoJobInfo table with a pendingMove & videoId columns so we could also use this table to track pending transcoding jobs)
       uses a string instead of an integer
          I think we should store the origin object storage URL in fileUrl, without base_url injection. Instead, inject the base_url at "runtime" so admins can easily change this configuration without running a script to update DB URLs
      * Import correct function
      * Support multipart upload
      * Remove import of node 15.0 module stream/promises
      * Extend maximum upload job length
      Using the same value as for redundancy downloading seems logical
      * Use dynamic part size for really large uploads
      Also adds very small part size for local testing
      * Fix decreasePendingMove query
      * Resolve various PR comments
      * Move to object storage after optimize
      * Make upload size configurable and increase default
      * Prune webtorrent files that are stored in object storage
      * Move files after transcoding jobs
      * Fix federation
      * Add video path manager
      * Support move to external storage job in client
      * Fix live object storage tests
      Co-authored-by: Chocobozzz's avatarChocobozzz <me@florianbigard.com>