Commit f20efde7 authored by Александр's avatar Александр Committed by Weblate
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Translated using Weblate (Russian)

Currently translated at 100.0% (2118 of 2118 strings)

Translation: PeerTube/angular
parent 2de2f91f
......@@ -5451,7 +5451,7 @@
<trans-unit id="6698240176427495644" datatype="html">
<source>Resolutions to generate</source>
<target state="translated">Разрешения для создания</target>
<target state="translated">Разрешения для обработки</target>
<context-group purpose="location">
<context context-type="sourcefile">src/app/+admin/config/edit-custom-config/edit-vod-transcoding.component.html</context>
<context context-type="linenumber">111</context>
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