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Upgrade http signature

To support hs2019 implementation of other federated softwaare that use
rsa256 instead of rsa512
parent 93e3f662
......@@ -1601,10 +1601,10 @@
xml-js "^1.6.11"
version "1.4.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-x7vhu+sFCOtf0jI3u0aN3DA+t6+WoRu3Mm3bAgh1xOAOF2Dr5FcAV25oUI2rPejv8IgPCXiFL6wlCFn8ND5pvg==
version "1.6.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-Bx780c7FPYtkV4LgCoaJcXYcKQqaMef2iQR2V2r5klkYkIQWFxbTOpyhKxvVXYIBIFpj5Cb8DGVDAmhkm7aavg==
assert-plus "^1.0.0"
jsprim "^1.2.2"
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