Verified Commit dbe91db7 authored by Chocobozzz's avatar Chocobozzz
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Remove old s3 method nginx config

parent 23fdb0ff
......@@ -251,12 +251,6 @@ server {
sendfile_max_chunk 1M; # prevent one fast connection from entirely occupying the worker process. should be > 800k.
aio threads;
# Use this in tandem with fuse-mounting i.e.
# to serve files directly from a public bucket without proxying.
# Assumes you have buckets named after the storage subdirectories, i.e. 'videos', 'redundancy', etc.
#set $cdn <your S3-compatiable bucket public url mounted via fuse>;
#rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.*)$ $cdn/videos/$1 redirect;
#rewrite ^/static/(.*)$ $cdn/$1 redirect;
rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.*)$ /videos/$1 break;
rewrite ^/static/(.*)$ /$1 break;
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