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Translated using Weblate (Occitan)

Currently translated at 41.6% (833 of 2002 strings)

Translation: PeerTube/angular
parent fb02816d
......@@ -4029,7 +4029,7 @@ The link will expire within 1 hour.</target>
<trans-unit id="2398388496754671928" datatype="html">
<source>No comments found.</source>
<target state="new">No comments found.</target>
<target state="translated">Cap de comentari pas trobat.</target>
<context-group purpose="location"><context context-type="sourcefile">src/app/+admin/overview/comments/video-comment-list.component.html</context><context context-type="linenumber">107</context></context-group>
<trans-unit id="4604870995665811499" datatype="html">
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