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# Changelog
## v2.4.0-rc.1
* The minimum ffmpeg version required is now 4.1
* Use `playlistPosition` URL parameter for playlists instead of `videoId` to set the current playlist position
### Maintenance
* Better error message on PostgreSQL connection error
* Add `ssl` option support for PostgreSQL connection
### Official PeerTube plugins
* [Player video annotation (alpha)](
### Plugins/Themes/Embed API
* Add embed API (
* `playNextVideo` method
* `playPreviousVideo` method
* `getCurrentPosition` method
* Embed URL parameters
* Add ability to disable PeerTube link in embed using an URL param (`peertubeLink=0`)
* Add plugins support in embed
* Add client plugin hooks (
* `action:embed.player.loaded` (for embed)
* Add custom fields in video update/upload form using `registerVideoField` (
### Features
* Moderation:
* :tada: Add ability to report comments and accounts
* :tada: Add messaging system between local reporter of an abuse and moderators so they can easily communicate
* :tada: Users can now see their abuse reports, and have notifications when an abuse state changed (accepted/rejected) or when moderators added a new message
* Add embed to block list details [@rigelk in #2926](
* Video playlists:
* :tada: Add ability to embed playlists
* :tada: Add ability to put a video multiple times in a playlist (with different startAt/stopAt parameters or not)
* Video comments:
* Add uni-code emojis native display in comments [@Kimsible in #3046](
* Add delete and re-draft action on a comment that doesn't have replies [@Kimsible in #3046](
* Hide deleted comments when there aren't replies [@Kimsible in #3046](
* Accessibility/UI:
* Disable vertical scroll instead of hide on desktop browsers [@Kimsible in #2962](
* Update my-account sub-menus icons [@Kimsible in #2977](
* Improve navigation sub-menu and tabs effects [@Kimsible in #2971](
* Hide generic channel display name and avatar on watch view [@Kimsible in #2988](
* Display user quota progress bars above upload form [@Kimsible in #2981](
* Improve mobile accessibility by moving table action cells on the left [@Kimsible in #2980](
* Directly display download button in watch page on logged-out users [@rigelk in #2919](
* Improve users list table display in admin (add badge, progress bar) [@rigelk in #2991](
* Add dynamic column display for users list table in admin [@rigelk in #2991](
* Add anchor links to about/instance [@Kimsible in #3064](
* Improve select components [@rigelk in #3035](
* Add content overlay for opened menu on touchscreens [@Kimsible in #3088](
* Add alert and hide upload view when no upload is possible [@Kimsible in #2966](
* Allow sorting notifications by unread/newest **@rigelk**
* Add open-graph and twitter-card metas for accounts, video-channels and playlists urls [@Kimsible in #2996](
* Add channel name to create-user admin form [@Kimsible in #2984](
* Support Kabile for video languages/captions
* Translate page titles
* Add `.ac3`, `.aac`, `.qt`, `.mqv`, `.3gpp`, `.3gpp2`, `.m1v`, `.mpg`, `.mpe`, `.vob` extensions support on upload if transcoding is enabled
* Performance:
* Improved front-end performance by reducing localized bundle sizes (~ 2MB instead of 3MB for the homepage))
* Optimize comments RSS feed SQL query
* Optimize default sort SQL query when listing videos
### Bug fixes
* Handle webp images from youtube-dl
* Fix embed p2p warning localization
* iOS fixes:
* Fix HLS only videos playback
* Fix fullscreen
* Fix iPad desktop mode playback
* Try to fix autoplay with iOS/Safari
* Fix anonymous user theme
* Fix player hotkeys after mouse interaction
* Fix resolution transcoding for portrait videos
* Do not display videojs poster when video is starting to avoid blinking effect [@Kimsible in #3056](
* Correctly scroll to anchors in my-settings [@Kimsible in #3032](
* Forbid reset password links reuse
* Fix low default resolution on webtorrent videos
* Fix instance features table responsive in about page [@test2a in #3090](
* Fix playlist element deletion/edition in my account
* Fix video playlist playback resuming
* Correctly display error message for Internet Explorer
* Fix videos RSS feed when HLS only is enabled
## v2.3.0
**Since v2.2.0**
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