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Add startup time benchmark

parent 1357df30
......@@ -86,13 +86,29 @@ jobs:
echo '{"clientBuildTime":'$clientBuildTime',"serverBuildTime":'$serverBuildTime'}'> build-time.json
- name: Startup
run: |
npm run clean:server:tests
startCold=`date +%s`
NODE_APP_INSTANCE=1 NODE_ENV=test node dist/server --benchmark-startup
endCold=`date +%s`
startHot=`date +%s`
NODE_APP_INSTANCE=1 NODE_ENV=test node dist/server --benchmark-startup
endHot=`date +%s`
echo '{"coldStartupTime":'$coldStartupTime',"hotStartupTime":'$hotStartupTime'}'> startup-time.json
- name: Run benchmark
run: |
node dist/scripts/benchmark.js benchmark.json
- name: Display result
run: |
cat benchmark.json build-time.json
cat benchmark.json build-time.json startup-time.json
- name: Upload benchmark result
......@@ -117,5 +133,5 @@ jobs:
if [ ! -z ${STATS_DEPLOYEMENT_KEY+x} ]; then
echo "Uploading files"
scp benchmark.json build-time.json ${STATS_DEPLOYEMENT_USER}@${STATS_DEPLOYEMENT_HOST}:../../web/peertube-stats;
scp benchmark.json build-time.json startup-time.json ${STATS_DEPLOYEMENT_USER}@${STATS_DEPLOYEMENT_HOST}:../../web/peertube-stats;
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