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* **Important** You need to execute manually a migration script (can be executed after your upgrade, while your PeerTube instance is running) to migrate HLS files name:
* Classic installation: `cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest && sudo -u peertube NODE_CONFIG_DIR=/var/www/peertube/config NODE_ENV=production node dist/scripts/migrations/peertube-4.0.js`
* Docker installation: `cd /var/www/peertube-docker && docker-compose exec -u peertube peertube node dist/scripts/migrations/peertube-4.0.js`
* **Important** We fixed configuration inconsistencies and added some keys. **You must change/add them in your production.yaml**
* `log.rotation.maxFileSize` becomes `log.rotation.max_file_size`
* `log.rotation.maxFiles` becomes `log.rotation.max_files`
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