Commit 552c84d9 authored by Cdrik's avatar Cdrik Committed by Weblate
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Translated using Weblate (French (France))

Currently translated at 97.0% (1545 of 1592 strings)

Translation: PeerTube/angular
parent bae29ac7
......@@ -2053,7 +2053,7 @@
<trans-unit id="4e5254dedf0c12ce7e7c2197384fceebe3b29a2b" datatype="html">
<source>Markdown compatible</source>
<target state="new">Markdown compatible</target>
<target state="translated">Compatible Markdown</target>
<context-group purpose="location">
<context context-type="sourcefile">../app/+videos/+video-watch/comment/video-comment-add.component.html</context>
<context context-type="linenumber">13</context>
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