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# Changelog
## v3.3.0-rc.1 (~July)
* **Important:** v3.2.0 introduced a `pg_dump` export bug in the auto upgrade script. v3.2.1 fixed this bug. To upgrade from v3.2.**0**:
* You can upgrade manually
* Or you can apply the changes introduced in this commit: and then use the auto upgrade script
### Maintenance
* Increase max image/caption/torrent upload size to `4MB`
* Increase fetcher job concurrency to `3`
### Docker
* Support log level env parameter `PEERTUBE_LOG_LEVEL` [#4149](
### Plugins/Themes/Embed API
* Add client helpers:
* `getBaseRouterRoute()` [#4153](
* Add client plugin hooks (
* `filter:left-menu.links.create.result` to add/remove left menu links
* `filter:internal.player.videojs.options.result` to filter options sent to videojs player [#4126](
* Add server plugin hooks (
* ``
### Features
* :tada: Add ability to create a custom homepage using HTML, markdown and [custom HTML tags]( [#4007](
* :tada: Add ability to search playlists in PeerTube instance and [SepiaSearch](
* :tada: Shorter public URLs (old URLs are still supported):
* Handle short UUID (`8r4jooaQpHp8tw1E1qpSeYq` instead of `3caf7bea-5ceb-4959-81a0-b44d184e897c`) for playlists and videos
* Use `/w/:id` instead of `/videos/watch/:id` and `/w/p/:id` instead of `/videos/watch/playlist/:id`
* Use `/a/:accountName` instead of `/accounts/:accountName` and `/c/:channelName` instead of `/video-channels/:channelName` [#4009](
* Provide `/@:username` page that automatically redirect to the account or channel page [#4009](
* :tada: Add RTL layout support
* Add ability to use HTML, markdown and [custom HTML tags]( in instance description
* Default to dark theme (if available) if requested by the web browser
* Add ability for admins to configure minimum signup page [#4010](
* Use a dedicated URL for each tab in publish page
* Add ability to prefill contact form using query parameters in URL [#4161](
* Accessibility/UI:
* Show logo in mobile view [#4141](
* Improve download modal to download video subtitles
* Better error message when trying to import a torrent containing multiple files
* REST API errors:
* Use [RFC 7807]( format to display errors [#4143](
* Improve date format error messages
* Improve video name and tag error messages
* Performance:
* Use raw SQL to fetch a video from database (~ latency / 2)
* Inject server config in HTML
* Speed up client plugin loading
* Cache refresh actor promises
* Optimize activity pub video update
* Relax some database transactions
### Bug fixes
* Fix video upload with a capitalized extension
* Fix "height not divisible by 2" ffmpeg error
* Don't count deleted comment for replies
* Fix UI bug when a plugin deleted the public privacy setting [#4163](
* Fix `player.getResolutions()` embed API when the video is has not been played yet
* Fix live placeholder image aspect ratio in theatre mode
* Fix plugin modal/notifier
* Fix some 404 errors for remote avatar
* Fix daily quota display
* Fix ownership change with a live video
## v3.2.1
Supports Markdown
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