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# Changelog
## v4.0.0-rc.1
* **Important** We fixed configuration inconsistencies and added some keys. **You must change/add them in your production.yaml**
* `log.rotation.maxFileSize` becomes `log.rotation.max_file_size`
* `log.rotation.maxFiles` becomes `log.rotation.max_files`
* `log.anonymizeIP` becomes `log.anonymize_ip`
* Removed `import.http.proxy` configuration: use `HTTP_PROXY` and `HTTPS_PROXY` environment variables instead
* Added `storage.bin` in configuration file
* REST API: Deprecate `filter` videos list query parameter in favour of `isLocal` and `include`
* PeerTube **is compatible** with ffmpeg 4.4.1 but **is not compatible** with ffmpeg 4.4.0
* Removed deprecated `/static/torrents` route
* We changed the live `views` and `viewers` system, that could lead to federation inconsistencies with instances < 4.0.0 for these specific counters
### Maintenance
* Add ability for sysadmins to disable web configuration edition [#4315](
* YoutubeDL:
* Support [yt-dlp]( (recommended due to unmaintained [youtube-dl](
* Add ability to set release URL in configuration
* Add ability to override `default-playlist.png`, `default-avatar-account.png`, `default-avatar-video-channel.png` using `storage.client_overrides` configuration [#4392](
### Plugins/Themes/Embed API
* Add client plugin hooks:
* `` and `` [#4387](
### Docker
* We now use Bullseye for Docker images, so the image name changed:
* `production-buster` becomes `production-bullseye`
* `v4.x.x-buster` becomes `v4.x.x-bullseye`
* Allow configuration to be static/readonly [#4315](
### CLI tools
* Add [create-move-video-storage-jobs]( script to move local video files in object storage [#4481](
* Removed `peertube-repl` and `peertube-watch` scripts
* Apply import interval only when reasonable [#4552](
### Features
* :tada: Add videos overview in admin
* List all available videos on the instance
* Display video information summary: file type, file size, privacy, state, embed...
* Many filters available: videos with/without HLS/WebTorrent, remote/local videos, exclude muted accounts...
* Run WebTorrent/HLS transcoding
* Remove WebTorrent/HLS video files
* Bulk actions: remove, block, run transcoding, delete video files...
* Correctly generate thumbnails/previews for portrait videos
* Keep input image ratio for banners, avatars, thumbnails...
* Support 144p transcoding [#4492](
* Support RTMPS
* UI:
* Live:
* Specify live type at first step
* Improve *Permanent live* label using *Recurring live* expression
* Clearer moderation dropdowns using section titles
* Improve admin tables responsive
* Add warning when trying to share a private playlist/video [#4469](
* Change *Sort by views* to *Sort by recent views* [#4483](
* Add *Next video to be played* in watch page if autoplay is enabled [#4497](
* Add embed preview in share modal
* Add user username in modal when deleting a user
* Add video name in modal when blocking/removing a video
* Video/live views:
* Add ability for admins to change local buffer update interval
* Add ability for admins to change view expiration for a specific IP
* Introduce `viewers` attribute for live videos and reduce delay to see `viewers` update in the interface
* Take into accounts `views` created during the live when saving replay
* Add markdown support for playlist description [#4489](
* Improve video playback when having invalid redundancy URLs
* Load video resolutions before video starts in player settings menu
* Optimize federation:
* Correctly set HTTP request timeout
* Process slow/bad targets in a dedicated queue
* Optimize ActivityPub outbox fetch
* Add ability for users to view their followers
* Add ability for users to filter their videos per channel
* Add ability for admins to show author display name instead of username in video miniatures [#4422](
* Add ability for admins to filter logs by tags
* Add ability for admins to configure per user channels limit [#4491](
* Add available instance themes and plugins in `/about/peertube` page
* Remove contributors list from `/about/peertube` since some contributors don't want their name to be displayed on unknown PeerTube instances
* Add *Transcoding failed* video state [#4525](
* Add ability to make a search using a URL containing query parameters
* Optimize *channel with video* component in homepage
### Bug fixes
* Alert user when aborting video upload
* Fix youtube-dl update with proxy
* Fix *My videos* search on page refresh
* Fix homepage request error when having many elements (channels, videos...)
* Prevent multiple post-process triggering of upload-resumable [#4175](
* Fix remote interaction on remote content
* Fix HLS transcoding job when running `create-transcoding-job` CLI
* Fix import error log on failed import
* Fix transcoding with very low input bitrate
* Update `updatedAt` video attribute on thumbnail update
* Fix local video concurrent update
* Fix redundancy error when PeerTube tries to extend/remove redundancy
* Fix account switch in account channels page
* Hide job progress information for jobs that don't support it
* Fix player settings menu keyboard navigation
## v3.4.1
### Bug fixes
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