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# Changelog
## v3.0.0-rc.1 (mid-December, stable in January)
* Update the default configuration to not federate unlisted videos. We recommend to admins to update [this setting](
* Update the default configuration to remove remote video views to reduce DB size and improve performances. We recommend to admins to update [this setting](
* Remove deprecated video abuse API
### Maintenance
* Refresh nginx configuration [#3313](
### Docker
* Add nginx behind traefik to benefit nginx optimizations of some PeerTube routes [#2531](
### Plugins/Themes/Embed API
* Add ability for auth plugins to redirect user on logout [#32]( & [#33](
* Add `input-password` setting to plugins [#3375](
### Features
* :tada: :tada: :tada: Support live streaming [#3250](
* Create a live video using the PeerTube interface and start streaming using your favorite streaming software (OBS, ffmpeg...)
* If the admin allows it, add ability for users to save a replay of their live
* Support live transcoding in multiple resolutions
* Admins can set a limit of created lives per user/instance and a duration limit
* This is the first step of live streaming, we'll consolidate the feature next year
* Update left menu [#3296](
* Add *My settings*, *My library*, *Administration* (if admin) below the username
* Rename section titles to *In my account*, and *On instance name* for better block scopes identification
* Removed confusing *Account settings* and *Channel settings* from user dropdown
* Add *My notifications* in user dropdown
* Split account horizontal menu in two [#3296](
* *My library* containing *Channels*, *Videos*, *Imports*, *Ownership changes*, *Playlists*, *Subscriptions* and *History*
* *My settings* containing *Account settings*, *Notifications* and *Moderation* tools
* Add page in admin to manage video comments of the instance
* List latest comments
* Delete comments of a specific user
* Delete comments in bulk
* Delete notifications related to muted accounts/instances
* Add ability for moderators to display all videos (not yet published, private...) in channels/accounts pages
* Support GIF avatars upload and federation [#3329](
* Automatically enable auto block of new videos if the admin enables signups in the admin interface
* Allow private syndication feed of videos from subscriptions [#3074](
* Improve default account and channel avatars [#3326](
* Accessibility/UI:
* Improve jobs and logs view [#3127](
* Use badges for *NSFW* and *Unfederated* labels in video block list table
* Improved video rating popover text if the user is not logged-in [#3168](
* Improve markdown-it emoji list column display [#3253](
* Add help popup for choosing a licence [#3306](
* Change *Upload* button to *Publish*
* Create a dedicated transcoding tab in admin config
* Add a title attribute on views element to see the view counter [#3365](
* Clearer titles for periods in recently added and videos from subscriptions pages
* Select first available channel when accepting ownership change [#3382](
* Add possibility to share origin URL to video if it's not local [#3201](
* Render markdown in email notifications for new comments [#3255](
* Add an admin setting to force ipv4 in youtube-dl [#3311](
* Add ability for admins to put markdown in all fields of *About* page [#3371](
### Bug fixes
* Fix inability to delete a channel due to a bug in the confirm modal
* Fix ownership change modal accept button
* Fix incorrect ActivityPub IDs
* Do not transcode videos to an higher bitrate than the source
* Fix video display of muted accounts on overview page
* Fix transcoding errors in readonly docker containers [#3198](
* Fix running another transcoding job using the CLI on a video that was already transcoded
* Fix embed on Brave web browser
* Fix break line display for re-draft comments [#3261](
* Fix hidden loading bar
* Fix jobs pagination
* Fix missing player localized strings
* Fix instance file size stats when the admin enabled HLS
* Fix embed of HLS videos on non HTTPS websites
* Hide embed dock when title/description are disabled
* Fix follow notification when the follower has been deleted
* Fix client override endpoint in nginx configuration [#3297](
* Fix overflow of some dropdowns
* Fix infinite scrollin in channel's playlists page
* Fix anchors scrolling in About page
* Fix CLI import script when importing Youtube channels
* Fix video tag min length validator
* Fix user notification preferences column width [#3352](
* Fix forgotten/reset password UI [#3351](
* Fix 00:00 player timecode in video description and comments
* Avoid too large federation cert error messages in logs
* Fix registration form width on mobile [#3274](
* Fix "Too many packets buffered for output stream" ffmpeg error with some videos
* Fix 500 error when fetching unknown video thread
* Fix infinite scroll in *Local videos* page when enabling the *Display all videos* checkbox on big screens
* Fix menu theme colors [#3376](
* Fix playlist list `name`/`displayName` sort field [#3385](
* Fix 401 error display in embeds
## v2.4.0
**Since v2.3.0**
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ function checkMissedConfig () {
const required = [ 'listen.port', 'listen.hostname',
'webserver.https', 'webserver.hostname', 'webserver.port',
'database.hostname', 'database.port', 'database.suffix', 'database.username', 'database.password', 'database.pool.max',
'database.hostname', 'database.port', 'database.username', 'database.password', 'database.pool.max',
'smtp.hostname', 'smtp.port', 'smtp.username', 'smtp.password', 'smtp.tls', 'smtp.from_address',
'email.body.signature', 'email.subject.prefix',
'storage.avatars', 'storage.videos', 'storage.logs', 'storage.previews', 'storage.thumbnails', 'storage.torrents', 'storage.cache',
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