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# Changelog
## v3.4.0-rc.1
* **Important:** Due to a bug in ffmpeg, PeerTube is not compatible with ffmpeg 4.4. See
* PeerTube now supports NodeJS 16
### Plugins/Themes/Embed API
* Server helpers
* **Deprecate** `videoLanguageManager.addLanguage` and `videoLanguageManager.deleteLanguage`: use `videoLanguageManager.addConstant` and `videoLanguageManager.deleteConstant` instead
* **Deprecate** `videoCategoryManager.addLanguage` and `videoCategoryManager.deleteLanguage`: use `videoCategoryManager.addConstant` and `videoCategoryManager.deleteConstant` instead
* **Deprecate** `videoLicenceManager.addLanguage` and `videoLicenceManager.deleteLanguage`: use `videoLicenceManager.addConstant` and `videoLicenceManager.deleteConstant` instead
* **Deprecate** `videoPrivacyManager.deleteLanguage`: `videoPrivacyManager.deleteConstant` instead
* **Deprecate** `playlistPrivacyManager.deleteLanguage`: `playlistPrivacyManager.deleteConstant` instead
* Introduce `.getConstantValue()`, `.getConstants()` and `.resetConstants()` for `videoLanguageManager`, `videoCategoryManager`, `videoLicenceManager`, `videoPrivacyManager` and `playlistPrivacyManager`
* Add server plugin hooks:
* `filter:api.overviews.videos.list.params` and `filter:api.overviews.videos.list.result`
### Custom markup API
* Add ability to only display VOD or live videos in `<peertube-videos-list>` element
* `<peertube-container>` fills all available width. Can be changed using `data-justify-content` attribute
### Maintenance
* Remove `StandardOutput` and `StandardError` settings from systemd service template [#4300](
* Use random UUIDs for video, torrent and streaming playlist files
* Torrent/video filename is regenerated when the file content changes: allows admins to use aggressive cachin
### CLI tools
* Remove unmaintened `optimize-old-videos.js` script
* Add short UUID support in video scripts
### Features
* :tada: Add video filters to common video pages (account videos, channel videos, recently added/local/trending videos...)
* Change video sort (recently added, hot, views...)
* Only display live/VOD videos
* Filter by languages/categories
* Hide or display sensitive content
* Choose to display all videos or only local videos
* :tada: **Beta:** Add support for saving video files in object storage [#4290](
* Check the documentation:
* :tada: Add ability for instances to follow any actor (so specific accounts and channels)
* Updated HLS.js (library to play HLS playlists in PeerTube player) to V1:
* Remember last bandwidth to prevent resolution change at the beginning of the video
* Automatically downgrade resolution if bandwidth is too low
* Add latency metric for live videos in stats for nerd card
* Immediate quality change when the user clicks on a specific resolution
* Add ability to search by PeerTube host in search filters
* Disallow search engine indexation of remote channels/accounts
* Transcoding:
* Improve bitrate calculation using "bit per pixel" method
* Limit live bitrate to input bitrate
* Accessibility/UI:
* Alert user for low quota and video auto-block on upload page [#4336](
* Display a modal when logged in to explain why and where set up the account profile [#4352](
* Display messages to inform why and where set up channels in *My library* pages [#4352](
* Display a warning when using capitalized letter for the email/username in the login form
* Support out proxy using env variables (`HTTP_PROXY` and `HTTPS_PROXY`) [#4346](
### Bug fixes
* Fix PeerTube button link in embed
* Don't remove existing redundancies on host redundancy update
* Remove thumbnail flash for autoplay when autoplay is enabled in embed
* Fetch data in bulk for the homepage, fixing API rate limit errors
* Fix channel name validator consistency between client and server
* Fix resumable upload without preview file in the body
* Fix redundancy of big HLS files
* Fix stats for nerd card label width
* Fix stats for nerd card resolution
* Fix uploading videos with empty tags in CLI tools
## v3.3.0
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ sudo systemctl enable --now postgresql
sudo dnf update -y
2. Install NodeJS 12.x (why 12 and not 14? Not sure...):
2. Install NodeJS 12.x (or 14):
sudo dnf module install -y nodejs:12
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