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# Changelog
## v1.4.0-rc.1
* **Important:** Deprecate NodeJS 8 (support ends on [December 2019]( Please upgrade to NodeJS 10.
* **Important:** Updated nginx template (you need to [update manually](
* Fix long server responses on dual stack servers:
* Improve images HTTP cache:
* Changed the playlist REST API to fix various issues. See for more information
* Removed magnet URI support in download modal since most of the BitTorrent clients do not understand the `xs` parameter
* Renamed `Overview` page to `Discover`
### Maintenance
* Create a dedicated `package.json` for CLI tools to reduce server dependencies size
* Add ability to set root password by environment at first start ([@darnuria](
* Removed unused `uuid` actor field (we already have a unique identifier that is the `preferredUsername`)
* Add ability to disable PeerTube log rotation ([@NassimBounouas](
* Speedup font display ([@BO41](
* Improve static files HTTP cache
* Add `--since` and `--until` parameters to import videos script to easily sync external channels ([@fflorent](
* Optimize `/watch/:uuid` endpoint
* Optimize Sequelize (SQL ORM) queries generation (consumes less CPU)
* Prune script is faster and can prune avatar files
### Features
* :tada: Support Greek and Scottish Gaelic languages
* :tada: Add basic plugins and themes support (**beta**):
* Install plugins or themes from the administration panel
* Choose a default theme for your instance
* Users can choose the theme they want among the list of themes their administrator installed
* :tada: Add ability to upload audio files: PeerTube will merge the audio file and the thumbnail to create a video
* Multi step registration:
* Add ability for new users to create their default channel
* Guess the account username/channel username according to their display name
* Add explanations about what the purpose of a username/channel name is, and what a channel is
* Improve account video channels page:
* Set it as the default page for the account page in order to avoid confusion between the account homepage and the video channel homepage
* Display channels in rows with some of their videos
* Support more URL parameters in embeds: `muted`, `loop`, `peertubeLink`
* Redesign share modal and add customizations:
* Start/stop at a specific timestamp
* Automatically play/mute/loop the video
* Set a specific subtitle by default
* Group subscriptions and recently added videos in chronological order
* Add ability for users to change their email address
* Add ability to update the support field of all channel videos when we update the channel support field
* Add a language filter in user preferences to display only videos in specific languages
* Add instance follows list in a dedicated tab in the "About" page
* Add ability to set to private a public/unlisted video or video playlist
* Transcode in the `tmp` directory for s3fs compatibility ([@libertysoft3](
* Add a button to copy account username ([@NassimBounouas](
* Redirect to "Local videos" page when going to the `peertube` account page
* Rearrange search filter options ([@realityfabric](
* Close modal after clicking on download ([@LeoMouyna](
* Add ability for admins to customize emails object prefix and body signature ([@yohanboniface](
* Support 4K transcoding
* Add link of the follower profile in administration ([@NassimBounouas](
* Add subject field in contact form ([@NassimBounouas](
* Add rate limit to registration and API endpoints
* Add "video quota used" sortable column in user admin list ([@darnuria](
* Automatically update the playlist thumbnail according to the video at the first position (if the user did not set a specific thumbnail)
* Automatically remove dead followings
* Federate comment deletion if the comment was deleted by the video owner
### Bug fixes
* Fix transcoding information in features table ([LiPek](
* Fix tools auth with remote instances
* Fix various issues in upload/import scripts
* Fix redundancy exceeded quota
* Fix login with email ([@NassimBounouas](
* Fix quota display in features table
* Fix transcoding help placement
* Fix invisible videos in playlists
* Fix HLS transcoding in lower resolutions
* Fix various federation issues
* Fix mute badge labels
* Fix broken follow notification when the actor is deleted
* Fix overflow and playlist block width in the watch page
* Fix search results overflow on mobile
* Fix infinite scroll on big screens
* Fix start time on some HLS videos
## v1.3.1
### Bug fixes
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* Add `streaming_playlists` directory in configuration file. **You should configure it in your production.yaml**
* CSP configuration changed: it's now in a [dedicated section](
## Maintenance
### Maintenance
* Add GitPod support ([@jankeromnes]( that could help people to contribute on PeerTube:
* Add reminder to restart PeerTube in upgrade script ([@ldidry](
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ if [ -z ${1+x} ] || [ "$1" != "--light" ]; then
# Supported languages
languages=("gd" "el_GR" "nl_NL" "es_ES" "oc" "pt_BR" "pt_PT" "sv_SE" "pl_PL" "ru_RU" "zh_Hans_CN" "zh_Hant_TW" "fr_FR" "ja_JP" "eu_ES" "ca_ES" "cs_CZ" "eo" "de_DE" "it_IT")
languages=("nl_NL" "gd" "el_GR" "es_ES" "oc" "pt_BR" "pt_PT" "sv_SE" "pl_PL" "ru_RU" "zh_Hans_CN" "zh_Hant_TW" "fr_FR" "ja_JP" "eu_ES" "ca_ES" "cs_CZ" "eo" "de_DE" "it_IT")
for lang in "${languages[@]}"; do
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