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Translation: PeerTube/player
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......@@ -7,32 +7,32 @@
"peer": "ortak",
"Go to the video page": "Shko te faqja e videos",
"Settings": "Rregullime",
"Watching this video may reveal your IP address to others.": "Watching this video may reveal your IP address to others.",
"Watching this video may reveal your IP address to others.": "Parja e kësaj videoje mund t’u zbulojë të tjerëve adresën tuaj IP.",
"Copy the video URL": "Kopjoni URL-në e videos",
"Copy the video URL at the current time": "Kopjoje URL-në e videos në kohën aktuale",
"Copy embed code": "Kopjoni kod trupëzimi",
"Copy magnet URI": "Kopjo URI-n magnet",
"Total downloaded: ": "Shkarkuar gjithsej: ",
"Total uploaded: ": "Ngarkuar gjithsej: ",
"From servers: ": "From servers: ",
"From peers: ": "From peers: ",
"From servers: ": "Nga shërbyes: ",
"From peers: ": "Nga ortakë: ",
"Normal mode": "Normal mode",
"Stats for nerds": "Stats for nerds",
"Theater mode": "Theater mode",
"Video UUID": "Video UUID",
"Viewport / Frames": "Viewport / Frames",
"Resolution": "Resolution",
"Stats for nerds": "Statistika për të fiksuar",
"Theater mode": "Mënyra Teatër",
"Video UUID": "UUID Videoje",
"Viewport / Frames": "Ekran / Kuadro",
"Resolution": "Qartësi",
"Volume": "Volume",
"Codecs": "Codecs",
"Codecs": "Kode",
"Color": "Color",
"Connection Speed": "Connection Speed",
"Network Activity": "Network Activity",
"Total Transfered": "Total Transfered",
"Download Breakdown": "Download Breakdown",
"Connection Speed": "Shpejtësi Lidhjeje",
"Network Activity": "Veprimtari në Rrjet",
"Total Transfered": "Të shpërngulur Gjithsej",
"Download Breakdown": "Zbërthim Shkarkimesh",
"Buffer Progress": "Buffer Progress",
"Buffer State": "Buffer State",
"Live Latency": "Live Latency",
" off": " off",
"Buffer State": "Gjendje Buffer-i",
"Live Latency": "Vonesë Në Transmetim të Drejtpërdrejtë",
" off": "",
"Player mode": "Player mode",
"Audio Player": "Lojtës Audiosh",
"Video Player": "Lojtës Videosh",
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