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Add Basque and Catalan languages

parent e0452b67
set -eu
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ npm run ng build -- --output-path "dist/$defaultLanguage/" --deploy-url "/client
mv "./dist/$defaultLanguage/assets" "./dist"
# Supported languages
languages=("fr_FR" "eu_ES" "ca_ES")
for lang in "$languages"; do
for lang in "${languages[@]}"; do
npm run ng build -- --prod --i18n-file "./src/locale/target/angular_$lang.xml" --i18n-format xlf --i18n-locale "$lang" \
--output-path "dist/$lang/" --deploy-url "/client/$lang/"
......@@ -2,12 +2,18 @@ export const LOCALE_FILES = [ 'player', 'server' ]
export const I18N_LOCALES = {
'en-US': 'English',
'fr-FR': 'Français'
'fr-FR': 'Français',
'eu-ES': 'euskara',
'ca-ES': 'català'
// 'pl-PL': 'polski'
const I18N_LOCALE_ALIAS = {
'en': 'en-US',
'fr': 'fr-FR'
'fr': 'fr-FR',
'eu': 'eu-ES',
'ca': 'ca-ES'
// 'pl': 'pl-PL'
export const POSSIBLE_LOCALES = Object.keys(I18N_LOCALES)
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