Verified Commit 03a5e95c authored by Chocobozzz's avatar Chocobozzz
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Fix font size inconsistency with ng-select

parent 681276a6
......@@ -12,15 +12,13 @@ $ng-select-box-shadow: #{$focus-box-shadow-form} pvar(--mainColorLightest);
// $ng-select-placeholder: lighten($ng-select-primary-text, 40) !default;
$ng-select-height: 30px;
$ng-select-value-padding-left: 15px;
// $ng-select-value-font-size: 0.9em !default;
$ng-select-value-font-size: 15px;
@import "~@ng-select/ng-select/scss/default.theme.scss";
.ng-input {
font-size: .9em;
.ng-select {
font-size: $ng-select-value-font-size;
&.ng-select-focused {
&:not(.ng-select-opened) > .ng-select-container {
border-color: #ccc !important;
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