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# Changelog
## v4.2.0-rc.1 (not released yet)
* **Important** You need to execute manually a migration script (can be executed after your upgrade, while your PeerTube instance is running) to generate small avatar miniatures:
* Classic installation: `cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest && sudo -u peertube NODE_CONFIG_DIR=/var/www/peertube/config NODE_ENV=production node dist/scripts/migrations/peertube-4.2.js`
* Docker installation: `cd /var/www/peertube-docker && docker-compose exec -u peertube peertube node dist/scripts/migrations/peertube-4.2.js`
* `PUT /api/v1/videos/{id}/watching` is deprecated, use `POST /api/v1/videos/videos/{id}/views` instead:
### Maintenance
* Add `client.videos.resumable_upload.max_chunk_size` config option [#4857](
* Add `object_storage.upload_acl` config option [#4861](
* Add ability to set RTMP/RTMPS listening hostname using `rtmp.hostname`/`rtmps.hostname` and public RTMP/RTMPS hostname using `rtmp.public_hostname`/`rtmps.public_hostname`
### Docker
* Use NodeJS 16 in PeerTube docker image: administrators may have to reinstall PeerTube plugins that use native NodeJS dependencies
* Support readonly tmp directory (if you want to use `tmp` directory as a volume)
### Plugins/Themes/Embed API
* Theme:
* Add `--mainBackgroundHoverColor` and `--greySecondaryBackgroundColor` CSS variables
* Add server plugin hooks
* `` and ``
* Support `getSettings()`, `isLoggedIn()` and `getAuthHeader()` client plugin helpers in embed
### Features
* :tada: Add video edition from the PeerTube web interface :tada:
* Cut the video (set a new start/new end)
* Add an intro at the beginning and/or an outro at the end of the video
* Add an icon/watermark in the top right corner of the video
* PeerTube will automatically transcode the new video and replace the original one
* :tada: Add advanced video statistics :tada:
* Provide *Average watch time*, *Total watch time* and *Peak viewers* video statistics
* Display total viewers, aggregated watch time and audience retention in interactive time series graphs
* Display viewer countries in bar chart if enabled by admins
* :tada: Add latency setting support for lives (small latency without P2P or high latency to increase P2P ratio) :tada:
* :tada: Add ability to save a replay of every streaming session of a permanent live :tada:
* Add simple subtitle edition from video captions tab in video edition form [#4666](
* Display live streaming sessions details in permanent live information modal
* Add ability to also mute users when banning them [#4650](
* UI improvements:
* Add ability for admins to display author avatar in video miniatures [#4639]( [#4823](
* Display author avatar in embed
* Move admin comments list in *Overviews* menu
* Add a *Refresh* button to admin comments list
* Add ability to sort videos by total views
* Add *Persian* locale support
### Bug fixes
* Video uploads fixes:
* Fix invalid token during long uploads
* Fix upload on server with a slow disk
* Fix upload of some videos with unknown duration (`.m2v` for example)
* Fix 2 hours limit on uploads
* Fix upload page title [#4904](
* Fix `.ac3` and `.mts` upload on some OS
* Fix avatar with account username starting with a number
* Fix client html cache on theme update
* Disallow unlisted video indexation
* Allow oembed to fetch unlisted videos
* Stop removing remote Mastodon rates
* Fix email links displayed twice in text version
* Fix user quota inconsistencies in admin when users use lives
* Fix admin instance following list when sorting by *Redundancy allowed*
* More reliable object storage upload when using multipart [#4903](
* Correctly handle HTTP signature draft 11 requests (without `date` header but with `(created)`)
## v4.1.1
### Security
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