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    Fix error when running `make` / `docker-compose up` · 010f56ac
    JohanBaskovec authored
    This fixes an error when running the mobilizon_api container (either
    with `make` or `docker-compose up`): the command `mix phx.server`
    was run first in the mobilizon_api container, but it
    made the container restart every ~10 seconds because of missing
    dependencies errors. As a result it became impossible to install
    the depencies using
    `docker-compose exec api sh -c "cd js && yarn install && cd ../"`,
    because that would give this error:
    `Error response from daemon: Container
    8ff288ad74565bb0773f9b5f8fb39ab62925c16ea0ca77c5d2579cc3013a8464 is
    restarting, wait until the container is running`.
    This commit fixes this error by running the dependency installation
    commands (and compilation and db migration) before `mix phx.server`.