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Add a bloc about upgrading pg/postgis with Docker

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## How to upgrade PostgreSQL ?
!!! info
If you're using an install based on Docker, it is *required* to dump and restore when upgrading the `postgis` image to new major versions of PostgreSQL or PostGIS. A version of `postgresql-client` is included in the `mobilizon` image if needed.
We use the PostGIS extension to hold the geospatial data. Migrating to a new major PostgreSQL version (with `pg_upgradecluster`) is not supported when there's also a PostGIS upgrade.
For instance migrating from Debian Buster (10) to Bullseye (11) upgrades PostgreSQL from 11 to 13, but also Postgis from 2.5 to 3.1, so you won't be able to perform a simple upgrade.
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