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Framaforms helps you create online webforms and surveys.
See (in French ) and (in French) for further informations.
There isn't yet help for Framaforms. Nevertheless, you can read (in french) and for further information.
Framaforms is based at 99% on Drupal 7, with some modules (like webform).
You don't need technical skills, but installation is a little bit more complicated than standard Drupal installation.
For performance reasons, Framaforms use postgresql databse which caused issues for making it a "[distribution]("
## Prerequisite
* PHP 7+ (may works with previous version, but php7 is recommended for performance reason)
* Nginx (may works with Apache)
* postgresql 9.4.12 (or +)
* php extension mb_string for php7 ( ``sudo apt-get install php7.0-mbstring`` )
* a reachable web directory
## database
* create an user, a database and grant this user correct rights. See
* next we will use ``framaforms_user`` as user and ``framaforms`` as database
* download initialization Framafoms database : (~ 20Mo)
* import this database (using ``postgres`` user)
* `psql -U framaforms_user -W -h framaforms < /path/to/framaforms.sql`
* if you need to reimport the database, it is recommended to destroy and recreate the database before import: `dropdb framaforms;createdb --encoding=UTF8 --owner=framaforms_user framaforms`
## Files
* type `git clone` in your web directory
* make sure you apply corret user rights (``chown``) and give extended write/read permissions to /path/to/framaforms/sites/default/files
* create a directory and give it write permission (but not read permission). E.g: /path/to/framaforms_private_files/
* database connection configuration:
* go to /path/to/framaforms/sites/default/
* copy default.settings.php to settings.php
* edit with database connection informations
$databases = array (
'default' =>.
array (
'default' =>.
array (
'database' => 'framaforms',
'username' => 'framaforms_user',
'password' => 'yourpassword',
'host' => 'localhost',
'port' => '',
'driver' => 'pgsql',
'prefix' => '',
* You can add an option to include forms in iframe by appending this to the file:
* Turn off the X-Frame-Options header entirely, to restore the previous
* behavior of allowing the site to be embedded in a frame on another site.
$conf['x_frame_options'] = '';
## Site access
At the moment, you should (if everything is fine) access your site (e.g.:
* go to
* connect with id ``admin`` and password ``changemeASAP!``
* **IMPORTANT**: edit your admin password :)
* edit informations of your site
* check paths
* check your installation and if your modules are up to date
* optionally, activate cache informations for production use
Logically, you could now use your framaforms site.
(documentation is mainly in french. Some informations in english at the bottom of this file, you are very welcome to help translating)
([English version available here](
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Pour des raisons de performances, Framaforms utilise postgresql comme BDD, ce qu
* allez dans le dossier /path/to/framaforms/sites/default/
* copiez le fichier default.settings.php en settings.php
* editez ce fichier et modifiez les information de connexion à la BDD
$databases = array (
'default' =>.
......@@ -105,12 +105,3 @@ Logiquement, vous devriez pouvoir commencer à utiliser votre instance de Framaf
English version
(not ready :-/ Why not help us to translate this file?)
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