Framadate now requires PHP 5.6 to be used (it should still work under 5.4 but will not be supported anymore).


  • Markdown editor for descriptions ! (@Antonin)

  • Adding a maximum participants number (@SuperNach0)

  • Allow setting SMTP config (Simon LEBLANC)

  • Allow admins to give the vote link back to the voters (@mm, @tcit)

  • Sending voters emails to remind themselves their voting url now works (@mm)


  • UI improvements for responsive design (@marjolaine-v)

  • Better coherence for visible results and passwords (@TDavid)

  • Added an edit button on the right when too many options (@SuperNach0)

  • Emails with international characters are now allowed (added an unit test) (@mm)


New strings are available, don't hesitate to head to https://trad.framasoft.org/zanata/project/view/framadate to translate them into your language !


  • Reschedule function (#203) (@TDavid)

  • lang attribute must be a valid IETF language tag (@Rudloff)

  • Fix datepicker js locale file path

  • Fix everyone can always vote #267

  • Fix MySQL error with NO_ZERO_DATE #224

  • SimpleMDE Markdown Editor has been updated the latest version to remove console.log calls

  • Fix width of if need be vote option and missing parenthesis

  • Remove autocomplete on date fields

  • Various fixes for value max error handling

  • New error strings for bad formatted inputs (admin name, wrong value max option)

  • Email is now a email field (better for virtual keyboards) and is html required as well as title

  • Advanced settings for poll are now opened if there's error within them

  • css fixes for pictures inside columns, and little space between editor and description text area (@marjolaine-v)

  • released zip files now have proper chmod rights (@tcit)

  • Best choices now work properly when there's no votes (@mm)

  • Don't allow an existing name when updating a vote (@mm)

  • Keep vote selections when there's an error on the name (@mm)

  • Add a message « Your poll has been created » at the end of the poll form process (@mm)


  • Move everything to wiki, translate everything to English