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Fix broken link and docker documentation

See merge request !2
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......@@ -105,6 +105,8 @@ RUN cd /home/jedi && \
sed -i 's@$build_dir/third_party/icu" ./configure@$build_dir/third_party/icu/source" ./configure@g' mk/support/pkg/ && \
# v8 won't compile if we don't disable the layout...
sed -i 's/--enable-static "$@"/--enable-static --disable-layout "$@"/g' mk/support/pkg/ && \
# Fix broken link
sed -i 's/http:\/\/\/download\/jemalloc/https:\/\/\/jemalloc\/jemalloc\/releases\/download\/\$version/' mk/support/pkg/ && \
# Add a space to separate options
sed -i 's@configure_flags+="--host=$($CXX -dumpmachine)"@ configure_flags+=" --host=$($CXX -dumpmachine)"@g' mk/support/pkg/ && \
# Fix some script bug
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ Téléchargez notre Dockerfile et lancez le conteneur :
mkdir rethinkdb-x-compil
cd rethinkdb-x-compil
wget -O Dockerfile
sudo docker run .
sudo docker build .
La compilation mettra du temps, mais quand elle sera finie, vous aurez un paquet Debian nommé `rethinkdb_2.3.6+fallback~0_armhf.deb` qu'il vous faudra récupérer du conteneur.
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