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......@@ -180,6 +180,18 @@ faq:
- 'That is not possible. We want to prevent spammers from taking advantage of Framalistes to subscribe thousands of addresses and spam them in a few clicks. We have therefore voluntarily deactivated the registration of batches of emails by the owner and limited the number of members per list to 500 email addresses.'
- 'To register a large number of members, there is no other solution than to send them a link to the subscription page of the list or to add them manually one by one with patience.'
title: Framanews
q: 'I have "api disabled" message when I try to use Framanews with an app: what can I do?'
- 'Ttrss doesn’t allow us to automatically activate API. You have to do it by:'
- 'clicking <b>Actions</b> (right up corner)'
- 'clicking <b>Preferences…</b>'
- 'clicking check icon in front of <b>Enable API access'
- 'clicking <b>Save configuration</b>'
title: Miscellaneous
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