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......@@ -139,6 +139,27 @@ faq:
title: Donations
title: Volunteering
title: Framaboard
q: 'I can’t connect to my board nor reset my password: what can I do?'
- 'To log in or reset you password you have to use your <b>username</b>, not your email address.'
- '<b>Warning</b>: your username is case sensitive. You must enter the exact spelling!'
- 'If you don’t remember you username, please <a href=""
title="Link to Framasoft contact page">contact
us</a> from the same email address as your Framaboard account.'
q: 'How can I delete my board?'
- 'The software we use for Framaboard does not allow you to delete your space yourself: you must
<a href="" title="Link to Framasoft contact page">request it</a> <b>from the email address associated with
the administrator account</b> by specifying the address of your framaboard.'
- 'If you want to delete a user, <a href=""
title="Link to kanboard doc">
you can do it form your admin settings</a>.'
title: Framaforms
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