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[faq][en] pad deletion

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......@@ -192,6 +192,14 @@ faq:
- 'clicking <b>Preferences…</b>'
- 'clicking check icon in front of <b>Enable API access'
- 'clicking <b>Save configuration</b>'
title: Framapad
q: 'How to delete a pad?'
- 'Since the creation of a pad is anonymous, it is impossible to propose deleting the data, otherwise anyone could delete any pad. However, the pads are deleted after a certain period of inactivity (<b>no modification</b>), in order to avoid making our database grow indefinitely.'
- 'This period is 24 hours for a pad created on the instance, one month on the instance etc… Meanwhile you can select all the content and delete it. Be careful, however, <b>this will not delete the content of the history</b> (the data will still be available).'
title: Miscellaneous
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