• Add stats.json route. Go to https://mypads.exemple.org/mypads/stats/stats.json to get some MyPad's statistics (#173)
  • Better warning before deleting a folder or a pad (#181)
  • Setting to allow users (non admins) of folder to create pads in it (#133)
  • Adapt log levels (backend) (#184)
  • Be able to archive folders (#174)
  • Ability to list all existing users (on admin, don't use it if you have a lot of users (like Framapad's MyPads which has +80k users), there is no pagination) (#117)
  • Pad nickname choice (#108)
  • Allow to migrate some pads to other folder (#100)
  • Allow to bookmark public and private groups and pads (#51)
  • Allow to change authentication method from admin interface (#170)
  • Add CAS authentication, with the help of Geoffroy Desvernay (CRI Centrale Marseille), many thanks! (#144)

See milestone 1.5.0 for all related issues and merge requests