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At the moment, MyPads is publicly available on NPM. So you can install it from etherpad administration. You may need a reboot of your etherpad instance after the plugin install.
WARNING: if you uninstall MyPads, all its data will be definitely *removed*.
### Manual install
You can install MyPads from source. In order to do that :
* clone this git repository where you want to;
* go into the directory of your Etherpad instance;
* type the command `npm install /path/of/your/clone/of/ep_mypads`
* restart your Etherpad instance and you should see *ep_mypads* listed into your administration back-end
* homepage is available at http://youretherpad/mypads/index.html
## Configuration
Configure an admin user in Etherpad's `settings.json` and use those credentials in http://youretherpad/mypads/?/admin
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