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more assert

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......@@ -53,13 +53,15 @@ local lua = _retrieve_progname()
do -- assert
local v, msg = assert('text', "assert string")
local v, msg, extra = assert('text', "assert string", 'extra')
equals(v, 'text', "function assert")
equals(msg, "assert string")
v, msg = assert({}, "assert table")
equals(extra, 'extra')
v, msg, extra = assert({}, "assert table", 'extra')
equals(msg, "assert table")
equals(extra, 'extra')
error_matches(function () assert(false, "ASSERTION TEST") end,
error_matches(function () assert(false, "ASSERTION TEST", 'extra') end,
"^[^:]+:%d+: ASSERTION TEST",
"function assert(false, msg)")
......@@ -73,7 +75,7 @@ do -- assert
error_matches(function () assert(false, 42) end,
"^[^:]+:%d+: 42",
"function assert(false, 42)")
"function assert(false, 42) --> invalid")
if has_error53 then
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