Commit 3d67c8a6 authored by François Perrad's avatar François Perrad

refactor without debclean

parent 06b94283
......@@ -86,16 +86,13 @@ rock:
luarocks pack rockspec/lua-coatpersistent-luasql-$(VERSION)-$(REV).rockspec
luarocks pack rockspec/lua-coatpersistent-lsqlite3-$(VERSION)-$(REV).rockspec
echo "lua-coatpersistent ($(shell git describe --dirty)) unstable; urgency=medium" > debian/changelog
echo "" >> debian/changelog
echo " * UNRELEASED" >> debian/changelog
echo "" >> debian/changelog
echo " -- $(shell git config --get <$(shell git config --get> $(shell date -R)" >> debian/changelog
fakeroot debian/rules clean
deb: debclean
fakeroot debian/rules binary
fakeroot debian/rules clean binary
ifdef LUA_PATH
export LUA_PATH:=$(LUA_PATH);../test/?.lua
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