Commit 18d128b6 authored by François Perrad's avatar François Perrad

Makefile: refactor with install

parent 08066e33
......@@ -2,22 +2,20 @@
LUA := lua
VERSION := $(shell cd src && $(LUA) -e "m = require [[Coat.Persistent]]; print(m._VERSION)")
TARBALL := lua-coatpersistent-$(VERSION).tar.gz
ifndef REV
REV := 1
REV := 1
LUAVER := 5.1
PREFIX := /usr/local
LIBDIR := $(DPREFIX)/share/lua/$(LUAVER)
INSTALL := install
all: dist.cmake
@echo "Nothing to build here, you can just make install"
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)/Coat/Persistent
cp src/Coat/Persistent.lua $(LIBDIR)/Coat
cp src/Coat/Persistent/lsqlite3.lua $(LIBDIR)/Coat/Persistent
$(INSTALL) -m 644 -D src/Coat/Persistent.lua $(LIBDIR)/Coat/Persistent.lua
$(INSTALL) -m 644 -D src/Coat/Persistent/lsqlite3.lua $(LIBDIR)/Coat/Persistent/lsqlite3.lua
rm -f $(LIBDIR)/Coat/Persistent.lua
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