1. 04 Oct, 2022 3 commits
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      praefect: run track-repositories tests serially · d08e0fe0
      Will Chandler authored
      The `praefect` command has a global logger that is passed to any
      subcommands executed. When executing normally this is fine as each
      process will only run a single subcommand. However, in testing this
      creates a risk of race conditions when tests are run in parallel, as
      each test goroutine will share this logger.
      To resolve race detector failures on `TestAddRepositories_Exec()` and
      `TestAddRepositories_Exec()`, we will now run these tests serially. This
      has minimal impact on test execution time, increasing from 4.663s to
      In the medium-term we should replace the global logger with a local that
      allows parallel testing. Issue #4500[0] has been opened for this.
      [0] https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitaly/-/issues/4500
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      make: use 'override' when adding to TEST_OPTIONS · b1308ad4
      Will Chandler authored
      When `TEST_OPTIONS` is specified as an argument to `make`, any options
      specified in the `Makefile` will be overwritten with the user-provided
      value. In several targets we append arguments to `TEST_OPTIONS`, making
      them vulnerable to being squashed inadvertently.
      For example, if running `make race-go TEST_OPTIONS='-run=<TEST>
      -count=20'` to reproduce a race condition, the intended command would
        gotestsum --format short -- -run <TEST> -count 20 -race ./...
      But because `TEST_OPTIONS` is specified, this is actually executed as:
        gotestsum --format short -- -run <TEST> -count 20 ./...
      Resolve this by using the `override` directive in targets that attempt
      to append to `TEST_OPTIONS`. This will allow the user to add custom
      options without squashing the target's additions.
  9. 23 Sep, 2022 3 commits