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      Change os.Stderr reassign for Windows service · ee0f2e90
      Daniel Canter authored
      Previously we were reassigning os.Stderr to the panic.log file we create
      when getting asked to run Containerd as a Windows service. The panic.log
      file was used as a means to easily collect panic stacks as Windows
      services don't have regular standard IO, and the usual recommendation
      is to either write to the event log or just to a file in the case of
      running as a service.
      One place where this panic.log flow was biting us was with shim logging,
      which is forwarded from the shim and copied to os.Stderr directly which was
      causing shim logs to get forwarded to this panic.log file instead of just
      panics. We expose an additional `--log-file` flag if you ask to run a
      windows service which is the main way you'd get Containerd logs, and with
      this change all of the shim logging which would today end up in panic.log
      will now also go to this log file.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Canter <dcanter@microsoft.com>
    • Phil Estes's avatar
      Merge pull request #7237 from fahedouch/fix-protobuf-archi · f4a5e731
      Phil Estes authored
      script/setup: fix protobuf for aarch64
    • fahed dorgaa's avatar
      fix protobuf aarch64 · 426fcfbc
      fahed dorgaa authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarfahed dorgaa <fahed.dorgaa@gmail.com>
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