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# Unsplash mastobot
This software is a [Mastodon]( bot that posts a random photo from [Unsplash](
## How to use?
First, get the software:
sudo apt install git
git clone
cd unsplash-mastobot
Then register your app, considering that your Mastodon instance is ``:
sudo cpan Carton
carton install
HOST="" ./
This will give you three secret environment variables: `CLIENT_ID`, `CLIENT_SECRET` and `ACCESS_TOKEN`.
Keep them well and secure!
- if you want to run the bot from your computer, you'll need to install a few things:
sudo apt install perlmagick libnet-ssleay-perl libio-socket-ssl build-essential
sudo cpan Mojolicious Image::Randim Mastodon::Client
Then just set your three secret environment variables and the `HOST` like before and do `./`;
- if you want to run the bot on a Gitlab instance with enabled CI, set `HOST`, `CLIENT_ID`, `CLIENT_SECRET` and `ACCESS_TOKEN` in your repository "CI/CD > Secret variables" settings and trigger a pipeline.
It will use a custom Docker image to execute the software.
## License
GPLv3, see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details.
## Author
[Luc Didry]( You can support me on [Tipeee]( and [Liberapay](
![Tipeee button](themes/default/img/tipeee-tip-btn.png) ![Liberapay logo](themes/default/img/liberapay.png)
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