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# Lufi's authors
## Main developers
* Luc Didry, aka Sky (<>), core developer, @framasky on [Twitter]( and on [Diaspora*](
* No one else right now
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# Lufi
## What does Lufi mean?
Lufi means Let's Upload that FIle.
## What does it do?
It stores files and allows you to download them.
Is that all? No. All the files are encrypted **by the browser**! It means that your files **never** leave your computer unencrypted.
The administrator of the Lufi instance you use will not be able to see what is in your file, and your network administrator neither. Neither can do your ISP.
## License
Lufi is licensed under the terms of the AGPL. See the LICENSE file.
## Official instance
Not for now. Lufi is still in development.
## Logo
Because Lufi is quite similar to Luffy, like in "[Monkey D. Luffy](" from [One Piece]( manga, the logo is a straw hat, made with pain, love and [Inkscape](
## Wiki (work in progress)
The official wiki will contain all what you need to know about Lufi (installation, configuration, etc). Go to <> or clone it:
git clone
## Encryption
All the encryption/decryption process takes place on your browser. The encryption key never go on the network.
But please, notice that some meta-datas are send unencrypted:
* the file name
* its size
* its mimetype
## Internationalization
Lufi comes with English and French languages. It will choose the language to display from the browser's settings.
## Authors
See []( file.
## Contribute!
Please consider contributing, either by [reporting issues]( or by helping the [internationalization]( And of course, code contribution are welcome!
The details on how to contribute are on the [wiki](
## Others projects dependancies
Lufi is written in Perl with the [Mojolicious]( framework.
It uses:
* [Twitter bootstrap]( framework to look not too ugly
* [Stanford Javascript Crypto Library](
* [Moment.js]( for displaying real dates instead of unix timestamps.
* [Fontello]( for the icons, licenses for the fontello icons fonts are in `public/font/LICENSE.txt`
Yup, no jQuery here, just old good vanilla javascript.
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