Commit d0bb9b13 authored by Luc Didry's avatar Luc Didry

Add Net::Domain::TLD as dependency

Some tld were not recognized (.xyz, .link) by the Net::Domain::TLD
version of the system. Forcing to get Net::Domain::TLD from CPAN with
carton fixes that.
parent 6578db50
requires 'Mojolicious', '>= 4.63';
requires 'ORLite';
requires 'Data::Validate::URI';
requires 'Net::Domain::TLD', '>= 1.73'; # Must have the last version to handle (at least) .xyz and .link
requires 'Mojolicious::Plugin::I18N';
requires 'Locale::Maketext';
requires 'Locale::Maketext::Extract';
......@@ -382,10 +382,10 @@ DISTRIBUTIONS
Mojolicious 5
Test::More 0
perl 5.010001
pathname: A/AL/ALEXP/Net-Domain-TLD-1.70.tar.gz
pathname: A/AL/ALEXP/Net-Domain-TLD-1.73.tar.gz
Net::Domain::TLD 1.70
Net::Domain::TLD 1.73
Carp 0
ExtUtils::MakeMaker 0
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