Commit cb8e8bdd authored by Ira Snyder's avatar Ira Snyder Committed by Luc Didry

Fix MySQL port configuration option

A simple copy and paste error prevents the MySQL port in the
configuration from being used as part of the database connection.
parent b7199b7d
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ sub _mysql {
my $addr = 'mysql://';
$addr .= $c->config->{mysqldb}->{host};
$addr .= ':'.$c->config->{mysqldb}->{port} if defined $c->config->{pgdb}->{port};
$addr .= ':'.$c->config->{mysqldb}->{port} if defined $c->config->{mysqldb}->{port};
$addr .= '/'.$c->config->{mysqldb}->{database};
state $mysql = Mojo::mysql->new($addr);
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