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Please, have a look at the `lstu.conf.template`, it's full of options and is self-documented.
## Heavily used instances
If your instance of Lstu is heavily used, you should take a look at the `minion` option: instead of updating the URL's counter right after a visit, this update is enqueued in [Minion](
After enabling the use of Minion in `lstu.conf`, you'll need to start the queue processing daemon.
You can start it manually with `make minion`, but it's better to start it as a service.
Unfortunately for SysVinit users, I only created a systemd service file:
sudo su
cp utilities/lstu-minion@.service /etc/systemd/system/
vi /etc/systemd/system/lstu-minion@.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable lstu-minion@1.service
systemctl start lstu-minion@1.service
You can see that this is a [template]( unit file: you can start more than one minion worker with the same unit file.
You only need to enable it with an other name (`lstu-minion@1.service`, `lstu-minion@2.service`, etc.).
The more minion worker you will start, the quicker the job queue will be processed.
But be careful! As Lstu uses a SQLite database, too much workers will only lead to failures due to an `already locked database`.
Start with one worker, and add one if it's not enough to process the queue quick enough.
## How many URLs can it handle ?
By default, there are 8 361 453 672 available combinations. I think the sqlite db will explode before you reach this limit. If you want more shortened URLs than that, open `lstu.conf` and change the `length` setting.
Description=Shortened URLs service job queue
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/carton exec script/application minion worker
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