Commit 9f084db1 authored by Neil Bowers's avatar Neil Bowers

Changed name to App::padconsole, so distname becomes App-padconsole

parent 966ed590
Revision history for Perl module App::padconsole
- Changed NAME to App::padconsole, so distname becomes App-console,
which is the convention.
- Tweaked formatting of this file to conform to CPAN::Changes::Spec
0.04 2013-10-25
0.03 2013-10-21
use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
'NAME' => 'padconsole',
'NAME' => 'App::padconsole',
'VERSION_FROM' => 'padconsole',
'AUTHOR' => 'Luc Didry <>',
'ABSTRACT' => 'A console to manage your etherpad instance',
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