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Released 2019-11-12
The v0.8 versions are finally leaving beta, and we celebrate this by giving you a truly awesome release!
It's the culmination of a lot of behind-the-scenes work that has been going on for quite a while. Several of our most requested features have made it into this release (categorization, better weekly/monthly visualizations, preparations for syncing), making it our best release yet!
Web UI:
- Categorization is finally here! Including visualizations and settings. The UX still leaves some things to be desired, but it's a great start.
- Daily and Summary views are now merged into one so that you get all the goodies of the Daily view but for arbitrary timeperiods like days/weeks/months!
- Updated the start page, including links to resources like the `user survey <https://forms.gle/q2N9K5RoERBV8kqPA>`_.
- New unique device ID is now exposed through the info API endpoint, a pre-requisite for building the much requested sync feature.
- Now contains the transforms needed for categorization.
- There is now a Windows installer available, and it automatically sets up autostart!
Released 2019-07-03
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Web UI:
- Now includes the Summary view for summarizing activity across weekly/monthly/yearly timeperiods!
Released 2019-03-09
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Changelog incomplete
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- Added Stopwatch functionality
- Added ability to import buckets from export
- Bucket export button now does a full export that includes metedata
- Bucket export button now does a full export that includes metadata
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Released 2018-11-03
Web UI:
- Fix broken editor bucket visualization
- CI Improvements
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Released 2018-05-07
- New query2 API for querying and transforming data
......@@ -67,7 +109,9 @@ Other:
- All issues assigned to the v0.8 milestone can be found :gh-aw:`on GitHub <activitywatch/milestone/1>`
Released 2017-11-06
- Actually fixed the timezone issue in the web UI (:issue:`117`).
- All issues assigned to the v0.7 milestone can be found :gh-aw:`on GitHub <activitywatch/milestone/4>`.
......@@ -75,6 +119,8 @@ v0.7.1
Released 2017-10-22
- The ActivityWatch WebExtension is officially supported from this version forward, see the announcement `on the forum <https://forum.activitywatch.net/t/you-can-now-track-your-web-browsing-with-activitywatch/28>`_.
- (Not really, see v0.7.1) Fixed pesky timezone issue in web UI (:issue:`117`).
- Fixed bug on macOS where keyboard activity would not be used to detect AFK state.
......@@ -84,17 +130,23 @@ v0.7.0b4
Released 2017-08-25
- Even more improvements to the web UI.
- Major improvements to the documentation, notably instructions on how to install from builds and sources.
Released 2017-08-09
- Improvements to the web UI: a new visualization method (the "today" view) and information for users about the state of the project on the first page.
Released 2017-06-14
There have been several major changes since v0.6. Much of it wont end up here but hopefully the major things will.
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