Commit 95cae616 authored by Etienne Nadji's avatar Etienne Nadji
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Wireframe : sla.documents -> sla.document

	modifié :         pyscribus/extra/
parent ba1a6bf6
......@@ -193,14 +193,14 @@ class Wireframe:
:type sla: string
:param sla: SLA file path
self.bleed = sla.documents[0].bleed
self.bleed = sla.document.bleed
for page in sla.documents[0].pages:
for page in sla.document.pages:
wo = WireframeObject(page)
wo.bleed = self.bleed
for pago in sla.documents[0].page_objects:
for pago in sla.document.page_objects:
wo = WireframeObject(pago)
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